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Here and Now Publication Cover
Cover design by Venessa Kaiser

Here and Now is an attempt to capture the beauty and serenity that is all around us. The theme itself entails everything revolving around life as it is, revolving around the more overlooked aspects of life, the mundane happenings that affect us, and how we respond to them in return. It is about how the march of time leaves a mark on us, and how we carry them at present. And while all those sentiments can carry with them a sense of existential doom, Here and Now aims to look towards the side of life that is more forgiving, more peaceful, and more loving. In hopes of capturing glimpses of beauty, or perhaps even catharsis, Kitchen Sink presents Here and Now.

Editors' Picks

a person laying on a pillow

Oikko Rode

a house at the end of the street

Nadera Naeema Ohi

roses in front of a riot shield

Tanjila Akter Mim

plane flying

Nawal Naz Tareque

Editor's Note

Here and Now is a culmination of what existence is to the modern-day. Some people expect the absence of sadness is to be happy, but that is not the case. The absence of sadness can leave a lot of different emotions, ranging from melancholy to remembrance to existence for the sake of existence. That is what Here and Now represents. We decided to depart from the very dark themes of our first publication to give this one a chance at being the harbinger of brighter days ahead, even if they seem bleak at the moment.

Here and Now has been quite the experience to work on – working on Kitchen Sink from the very beginning to our second publication, I feel nothing but pride and joy for all that we have accomplished (and perhaps a teensy bit of backache sprinkled in there…). Everyone has worked tremendously hard, and I hope that it reflects in our output. We love what we do, and we hope that you, our readers and admirers, appreciate and love what we did just as much if not more.

Nusaibah F. Yunus

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Let That Sink In Cover Photo
Concept and illustration by Venessa Kaiser, Joyita Faruk, and Arwin Siddiquee

Published June 6, 2021

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Who We Are

Kitchen Sink is an English-language poetry journal founded and run by a group of like-minded young poets from Bangladesh with the aim of making local poetry more accessible and providing a platform that helps prospective young writers publish and improve their work. We publish four issues a year in March, June, September, and December.