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Space Bar Cover Photo
Cover design by Saad Has and Venessa Kaiser

Space Bar wraps up the eventful and ever-growing year of 2021 for Kitchen Sink. In celebration of this, Space Bar is also the first issue from Kitchen Sink to not include poems that all fit under a specific theme. This issue is about variety and creativity. The poems here are made up of all the different rhymes and structures that reflect our world, and the tongue-in-cheek yet grandiose scale of the title serves only to reflect our efforts in that regard. However, even with such a grand scope, the core of this issue still focuses on the more intimate aspects of a person’s emotions. Crafted with care, Kitchen Sink presents Space Bar.

Editors' Picks

Tiasha Idrak

Arwin Shams Siddiquee

Nawal Naz Tareque

Editor's Note

Space Bar is exactly the out-there, somewhat philosophical, and the extremely pun-intended title that came to mind while compiling this issue. For the first time since our launch, Kitchen Sink has received submissions that have no centralization around a theme. We saw similar emotions re-emerging throughout the otherwise unconnected poetry, for the human experience is permeating us all. Incredibly, that reflects in the workings of Kitchen Sink as well. Our team has gone through some of the same troubles this year, as has the rest of the world. Seeing this publication we collectively created with our hearts, passion and on our backs, end on a high note, is perhaps the most rewarding end to the year. We hope you enjoy the beautiful artwork alongside our heartfelt poetry.
Joyita Faruk

Space Bar, to me, feels like a proper culmination of all the hard work we’ve put in over the past year. Not only have our own review process for the poems that we select improve vastly over time, but we have also strived to make improvements in almost every other facet of these 3 publications. Our work continues to grow as we explore different avenues, and this also ties into our own poems, which I would say has been growing with us as we try to connect with more poets. This leads us to Space Bar, a grand and varied issue produced with the knowledge of everything that has led us here. It represents our ambition to understand and treasure emotions presented in poetry, no matter what shape it may come in.
Syed Raian Abedin

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Here and Now Publication Cover
Concept and illustration by Venessa Kaiser, Arwin Shams Siddiquee, and Joyita Faruk

Published September 13th, 2021

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Kitchen Sink is an English-language poetry journal founded and run by a group of like-minded young poets from Bangladesh with the aim of making local poetry more accessible and providing a platform that helps prospective young writers publish and improve their work. We publish four issues a year in March, June, September, and December.