Nayara Noor

Contains themes of self-harm.
Reader discretion is advised.

Red splatter on the spotless floor,
Reminiscent of a cloud smeared sunset
Petals swoon, crash to the ground
The birth of blood-roses against snow

Juxtaposition - illustration for Nayara

If I spit out beautiful prose
Pretend my skin is still sewn together
Will I be absolved from this cruel curse

Tiger stripes on my porcelain wrists,
Reminiscent of the wild eyed beast
A road-map of my body that hides
All the secrets that are just for me.

If I spit out beautiful prose
Wear the façade of sanity for now
Will my deception make me look human

The glint of a shard of glass
Protruding from my shaking palms
A jagged-edged crystal grown in icy caves
An asymmetrical gemstone, tainted by my sins

If I spit out beautiful prose
Don a cloak over my guilt, shame and pain
Will I want to wake up to face

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