Touch Screen

Nusaibah Yunus

Remember when we were two kids
Barely teens, walking around with big dreams-
We’d promised ourselves we’d fly to each other
No matter where we landed?

You’re far away now
And like a autumn-turned-winter’s day
The cold settles into your heart.
The days we spent battling time zones,
And the years of comradery now bygones;
I know exactly how it went from us to just me. 

Touch Screen - Illustration for Nus

Who would’ve thought that it would end up
Entirely for naught—
And as I erased your spot in my heart,
The teardrops fell onto my screen.

It’s funny how you think
That you’re not wrong,
That everything is alright 

No more, no more, 
To myself I swore
“I will not be a doormat.”

From this path of dismay,
I will bring to end
The block button is pressed—
You are no longer my best friend.

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