3 PM

Alisha Hossain

Wake me once it has passed
Who I was but a moth,
captured in the flames of past

Here and now
I close my eyes
to drift off into a slumber
And once more I shall arise

When I am free from the bees
who carved an unwanted home, inside my brain
When I am finally at ease and alone
A place where nothing else but silence remains

as I sleep in a warped cocoon
hardly meant to hold creatures like me
despite all I could be
but ceased to become;
I am still. I am fine.
for the bees finally succumb
to a soft tune

my body at last
is put to rest
a space where the hour is frozen
and time is just grains
of golden, unmoving, sand
which shall be trapped forevermore
in this delicate hourglass

a moth in flames

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