All At Sea

Maliha Tribhu

Far across the shore of cherrywine varnished ethers
Quietly sits an albatross awaiting its home.
Hollering for its comrades
To march onto wars,
Waving a ‘hello’ to the sailors who are lost
Shrieking in a constant desperation,
In its yearnings for a haven; a safe haven.
Flapping its tiresome wings upon lilac woven skies
Foraging in depth of the sea.

The sea, in all its depth and deadening silence
Offers no gratitude, no answers
Nor a direction leading somewhere.

The sailors marched by
The clouds, too, floated away and disappeared
The albatross— lost into the abyss,
Its comrades, all martyred beneath the waves.

Despite calling it a home, the sea never responded,
The shores all laid in feathers
Scattered about in a call for help
Treading towards extinction.
— I am all at sea
I no longer call for home,
For ceaseless hours of recurring sundowns,
For my comrades, all those deserted sailors lost amidst the hurricanes.

— I am all at sea
But the sea, too, never bore a home for me.

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