Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Nayara Noor

two cups of hot chocolate

I’d rather have cinnamon in my hot chocolate than marshmallows
I’d rather listen to harps than pianos
And I’d rather dream about you and me sipping our drinks
Our fingers almost touching, but not quite

I’d ask,
Tell me, would you rather be
Exploring all your life to see if there’s something better?
(Or would you walk down this rock-ribbed road with me?)

I’d rather stargaze and take long walks on the beach
Than get stifled by the bustling noise of this forlorn city
I’d rather replay our conversations like an old vinyl record
Than attune my heartbeat to new music

Tell me,
Would you rather be
Convinced that our futures can never be intertwined?
(Or would you weave a new red thread with me?)

I know you’d rather taste the twinkling seconds of today,
Than let tomorrow build its home in your mind
You’ve always disapproved of my incessant need
To look at the future and overlook the present

But if someday you ever ask me
Tell me,
Would you rather be
Hiking in the mountains of an icy land
Or trying to catch everlasting auroras?

(I’d say
I’d rather be sitting with you across the table
drinking cinnamon hot chocolate
While looking at you)

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