Doing Nothing

Zafnah Mostafiz Arusa

Orange clustered above the western buildings,
And my window provided a clear view
I watch the sunset everyday, like clockwork.
I know I have places to go, things to do
But I take my time in the shower,
Put some music on, till I no longer feel blue
Because there is so much that pulls me down,
So much that is tiring, tough and new,
It seems useless to stare aimlessly at an orange sky;
And afternoon naps seem like a privilege, when work is due.
It is easy to forget to rest, when you must run.
But you can stop a while too;
Breathe a little,
Read a book or two.
We don’t need to work to earn some rest,
Because sunsets are pretty and naps are due

a woman in front of a sunset

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