Venessa Kaiser

the female body covered in stretch marks with greenery growing from the marks

By the time
you think of me again
the moon would drag
constellations across my skin
leaving scars of every intrusive
thought I held within

No one keeps bandaids
after the bruises heal
& I swear I keep pulling
you back from your grave
but I can’t seem to feel
that it was me you need to save

Wonder why I say sorry
For doing things
I should’ve been thanked for
Cause all I ever was to you
Could suddenly become a lie
Wonder where all your
Promises went
The day I chose to say goodbye.

Cause a mistake is no longer a mistake
Once it happens again
& I gave up trying on
Versions of myself
Hoping I can perhaps fit in
& Of all the times I chose to revolve
Around you before you failed to turn
I ended up having to watch
My entire world burn
So here, I stand, healing
Now that I know what caused it

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