Urban Splashes

Fyroze Shafique

puddles of water beneath hanging clothes

When there are lies
You’ll try to even the scores
For false hopes are your traits
Deceiving flashes— your armor,
But your urban rains
In the forgetful nights
Is something to stay
Forgetful for.

The splashing of the roads
The swaying of wet clothes
The reflection of malls and billboards
The streets are the canvas
Of sighs and desires
They hold up the night, when rain plays the chords.

The heart of the town
Gets drowned by itself
The paints of glory stop acting in a while,
The people of the shadows
And the portraits of the limelight
Wish they could steal each other’s smiles.

I’m talking about rain
That falls for urban flowers,
That howls at the night of missing details
The autumn wind flows
With careful treasures,
No, city,
such a night of yours,
Never fails.

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