We’ll be alright

Syed Raian Abedin

a person with their hand on their face

These waters are meant to exist in a single space
Where hopeless endeavors and bludgeoning grief collide
It is here where I’m allowed to give you meaning
“Take shape” I tell you, “take this handful of dust—
And let it bear on you as the only fragment of hope I can give.”
And I send you on your way. In hopes you won’t look back.


One thousand dusks later
I am here still with you
With the same dust now dragging you down.
Wearily, you look at me
Your eyes with prescriptions from a long time past.

And for the hundredth time—should memory serve well—
I beckon your farewell
Only to find you returned, tired. But alright.
A twinkling figure emerging from the silence of the world
Back to these waters
You come along.

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