The Traveler and The Tree

Mustashfi Mustakim

The Traveler and The Tree- Illustration for Mustashfi

You’ve arrived, traveler?
Come. Sit beneath the vast canopy of my evergreen leaves.
Sit in this soothing shade.
Ascend this throne of soft clay, my liege!
Lay your head on this bed of green grass, riddled with weeds.
Oh, hermit! This is your sanctuary,
Where you have no reason to fear.
Hence, you may meditate undisturbed, like the recumbent Siddhartha.
Hour after hour,
Day after day,
For a millennium, or even a
Fleeting moment
Stay with me, and near me, as long as you please.

What’s this? Are you leaving?
Very well then! Go wherever your destination is.
Who am I to complain?
After all, I neither have the right nor the ability to stop you from leaving.
And I understood this a long time back.
But don’t you stop, wanderer!
Go! Proceed towards your destination.
You have a long distance to cover.
I shall just remain here, standing alone in this lonesome arbor;
Waiting for another traveler to come this way.
Oh, look! There comes another one.