Mother’s Day

Naveed Hossain

Contains implications of abuse.
Reader discretion is advised.

I’ve been staring blankly at this empty page.
You see, I have been asked to write something in regards to motherhood. 
And to tell you the truth I don’t quite know if I could write something about that or if I should.

And I suppose most people in my shoes would know something or the other to say, 
but to convey my experiences about the matter is a matter that will unveil a pattern of scattered memories that shatter me rapidly that I lose all my sanity and I want to retire me. So forgive me

if it’s a little


to revisit.

Mother's Day - Illustration for Naveed

I’ll be honest: my instinctive response to Mother’s Day is one of diffused apathy, and if you want a reaction out of me, all you’ll get is a lifeless shrug. You see
where I’m from, parenthood doesn’t mean ‘I’m here for you emotionally’, it means ‘You’ll do everything I say, isn’t that right honey?’