Shapes of your heart

Syed Raian Abedin

Mustered in leaves and left
With your eyes closed, a trance you lulled yourself into
Your thoughts in the seven shaped this tree,
Underneath it, the abyss:
Hospice for the vagrant.

A frail touch, and silence
The depths of which stretched beyond me
I feel a hug, approaching as slow as the soil at my feet
If only avenoir had let me see
All the sides of time, condensed in one
I would not have left yours
When the heart-shaped leaves took you too.

Shapes of your heart - illustration for Raian

But even with this corse sinking deep
I see you at the darkest ends
Hung by the neck
On flowering ropes, I see you smiling
For nirvana was no longer a transient dream.

Can I be you
Sinking into this gelid embrace?
Where is the warmth of your smile
Is your bodhi tree a lie?