My World in Ashes

Shazmeen Haq

I found heaven in her eyes
Until all I could see were lies
My world was all hers.
And I fell apart in tears,
Which can never quench
Nourish, harbour and drench
The flowers who saw
The hopeless romantic’s flaw.

I recall the heart-shaped bubbles
The sweet spring in doubles,
When we ran in laughter
Feeling euphoric after.
My butterflies loved you
So did the sing-song sparrow.
You were my personal sun
I thought you were the one.

My maiden of grace
Left me in disgrace.
From the beginning I knew
That I would be dyed in blue
Trying to chase after your love
Which I was unworthy of.
I don’t have the will to go on
To envision a new dawn

My world in ashes - illustration for Shazmeen