Retaliated Rupture

Venessa Kaiser

I have been asking myself
Reasons why I chose
To find home for myself
In places so empty as you
Cause it seemed like
Nothing I ever did
Ever came through
I keep blaming myself
For the mistakes you should figure
Only to see you turn
Into a new form of trigger
I’m tired of reminding
You of what you already know
I give & I give
Until there’s nothing left to show
My life is escaping me
Decay is so due
& All my flames have
Seemed to turn blue
Even if I considered
Your words to be true
Perhaps I was the right person
Wrong time, for you.

Before I forget

Venessa Kaiser

I keep telling myself
how you had a bad day
you really did not mean
what you had to say
But I am trying to keep myself
from realizing that you
have chosen not to care.
consciously did not spare
flooding my mind with
the salt you spilled on my scars
Of how you have managed to enclose
my generosity behind bars
I cannot be your epiphany of consolidation
A felicity of human emotion

I don’t think there’s a name for it yet
to say goodbye to you before you already left
to let your heart be stolen from
you when you could’ve prevented the theft
to be surprised by something
you already knew to expect
By the time the clock strikes
a brief moment beyond, too late
I will reconsider holding you back
I will rethink my fate
Cause if I am being honest at this rate

The way you respond
was enough to convince myself
that saying how I felt
was saying too much
it takes courage to give
more love than what I
have been given
& I know someday
you’d wake up not feeling like
you need me
& trust me when I say this I am ready
to let you go.

Before I Forget - Illustration for Venessa