A Layperson's Analysis: What Makes Modern Poetry Stand Out

Nawal Naz

Most poetry before the 20th century had rigid forms. Over the years poetry has evolved. Modern poetry is synonymous with change and growth.

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Western Influence In Modern Poetry: Erasing Our Individuality?

Joyita Faruk

The current world is a melting glass pot. Modern poetry is not exempt from its bubble-speckled grasp.

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Western influence in modern poetry

Why It’s Okay To Not Love Poetry About Love

Nadera Naeema Ohi

That is both the beauty and burden of writing about love; it’s a universal emotion that can be expressed in a myriad ways, so long as there are people to hear it.

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Love poetry with scales and roses hanging from a hand

In Defence of Accessible Modern Poetry (That Is Not Rupi Kaur)

Nayara Noor

When I say ‘modern poetry’, I don’t mean Modernist poetry, but confessional poetry. In these cases, I turn to Ocean Vuong, my favorite poet.

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Modern Poetry that is not rupi kaur

South Asian Authors Exploring Modern Poetry

Juairia Haque Mahi

Among all the themes explored by South Asian authors, themes like romance, spirituality, and self-reflection are found to be quite common.

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South Asian Authors Exploring Modern Poetry