Why We Don’t Have Content In Bangla (Yet)

why not bangla poems

Put simply, we’re not ready yet. Our team does not have editors who are specialists in handling Bangla poems or content right now. Thus, we don’t think we have the expertise to curate Bangla poems or posts.

The Kitchen Sink Team is committed to platforming high-quality content to the best of our abilities. We owe our visitors, contributors, and supporters that much. Therefore, it is a conscious effort on our part to wait till we’re properly equipped.

We hope to expand our team to include Bangla poems really soon, so keep an eye out on the website for updates. Do consider following our socials – we post important news there too.

“When Are You Taking Submissions?”

poem submissions with a notepad and pen

Really soon! We hope to start receiving poem submissions. From early July this year, we’ll be accepting submissions. Keep an eye on the website! Be sure to follow our socials for updates!

As for how to submit, head over to our submissions page for a detailed breakdown. This includes the specifics of how to format your submissions and where to send them.

Your poem submissions are really important to us! Kitchen Sink was founded with the aim of being a gathering place for local writers. We hope to give these local poets a platform for showcasing their best work. You guys are at the heart of what we want KS to be. So by all means, send us your work (once we open submissions) and we’ll be only too happy to receive it.

Why the name “Kitchen Sink”?

kitchen sink with a hand holding a pink towel on the side

Many of you asked: How did the name Kitchen Sink come to be? What’s the meaning behind it?

Initially, after we had gathered our team, we were taking suggestions for naming the journal. The top two picks then were ‘Seafoam’ and ‘Porcelain Forest’. While those names are beautiful in their own right, they were missing something. Some fundamental essence of poetry was just not there, but we couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

What followed next is what can only be described as a joke-turned-happy-accident.

One of our members asked everyone for better suggestions and said, “We’ll consider all the names, even ones as random and obscure as Kitchen Sink.”

And as fate would have it, our dysfunctional Gen Z poets latched on to it. The name brought up infinite layers of meaning to expound those two words.

As the dominoes started to fall, each person shared their unique kitchen sink tales. One member talked about writing poems on a melancholy night in front of their kitchen sink. Another mentioned how kitchen sinks have seen us at all points of our lives, from rock bottoms to soaring highs. Pop culture references began tumbling out fast and before long, everyone unanimously voted the name Kitchen Sink.

So, why did a name as strange as Kitchen Sink click with everyone? It’s because it had something other fancier names simply did not: the ability to connect. Art – in every shape and form – has the profound power to touch people’s lives and to make them feel a shred of emotion in this apathetic world. We turn to music, movies, books, and poetry each time we are compelled to feel. That art can make anyone – rich and poor, young and old – feel the pang of yearning, the grief of loneliness and the rush of joy is what gives art so much of its beauty.

Kitchen Sink intends to do the same with our poetry.