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Kitchen Sink is a literary journal that is aiming to allow readers to view poetry through the eyes of a brown lens – a poetry journal made by Bangladeshis, for Bangladeshis. It also aims to become an accessible platform that provides feedback on submissions we receive on a wide range of content. A pioneer of the poetry scene in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Kitchen Sink has a variety of content available for your reading pleasure, ranging from poems by deshi poets to blogs that focus on the critique of modern poetry.

Currently, we have our second publication which was recently published on the 14th of September, 2021, Here and Now, containing a number of submissions. If you’re looking for our first publication, titled “Let That Sink In”, please scroll down to the “Previous Issues” section to find it!

Aside from this, Kitchen Sink also publishes a number of blogs occasionally regarding all things and anything regarding poetry; these blog posts can be found under the Blogs tab of this page, just scroll to find it as well.

Most of the mainstream literature has a distinct Western influence, making it quite difficult for us Asians to connect. So, this is an attempt at truly understanding and appreciating the literary art form from a brown perspective. We are trying to bring forward the diversity that exists among local poets, giving them the platform they deserve. We hope to create opportunities for them to hone in their creative talent with the help and feedback from their peers.

If you’re wondering why all our content is currently in English, I’d like to redirect you to this small article, and the request to stay tuned for future updates.

If we had to summarize all of this in one sentence, we’d have to say – Kitchen Sink brings you poetry from the Bangladeshi people – consisting of poets, blog writers, artists, and even website coders, all for a Bangladeshi audience. We hope that you can appreciate and even relate to the love that was put into this passion project, and we hope you’ll support us in the future. Thank you, and enjoy!


As a poetry organisation, it would be a tragedy if we did not write about writing poetry. Give our blogs a gander via the button above.

Our second anthology, Here and Now, is available now at the link above! Read submissions from poetry straight from deshi sources, of names unknown and those known and loved.

Looking for one of our previous anthologies? You’ll find them available on our archive page. Come on, take a look!