Interact With Kitchen Sink

Looks like you have stumbled upon the SinkCore page! Welcome, curious but still heavily appreciated reader!

This is a page where we redirect you to the people and concepts that inspired Kitchen Sink to be the literary journal you see on your screen at this very moment.

Poetry through the brown lens cannot appear out of thin air; which is why Kitchen Sink started as an idea and grew into this wonderful website. Our About Us section elaborates on how Kitchen Sink came to what we are about, what we stand for, and what led to becoming the online poetry anthology it is today. Our origins are actually quite an interesting – and humourous, even – story, and we’d definitely recommend reading about us in the designated button below.


As for what SinkCore is, the title itself was inspired by aesthetic culture, but in its essence, it refers to the people that have worked tirelessly behind the scenes and on the front line to make Kitchen Sink what it is today. It is comprised of the three sections, affectionately known as the Sink Gang, the Kitchen Crew, and Gone But Not Forgotten. There are two distinctions between them all, but it is for us to know and for our readers to speculate about, shrouded in a sense of mystery and the unknown. One is pretty obvious, though. We are not limited to just Bangladeshi poets mind you, we have blog writers, graphic designers and illustrators, website development people and coding wizzes, social media magicians, and human resource extraordinaires. All of these people have contributed to Kitchen Sink in invaluable ways and forms. Together, these three sections make up this pioneering poetry journal based in Bangladesh. To learn more about the people that make up who we are, tap on the button labeled “Behind the Screens”